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Ethos Church - Office Manager

Job Description
Are you a detail oriented, highly organized person? Do you enjoy providing support to a team and taking care of the space in which a team works? Do you thrive on finding creative solutions to problems? Do you get some odd sense of satisfaction or does it bring you life to organize a messy closet? Are you a self-starter who doesn’t always need to be told what to do every step of the way?  Do you love Baja Burrito more than your own family? Do people describe you as easy to get along with?  Can you handle interruptions well? Do you care more about working with a great team of great people over your own success or advancement?  Do you work well with others? Do you take instruction and coaching well?  Do you think robots and A.I. might be the end of us all? Do you finish what you start?  Are you looking specifically for part-time work for your foreseeable future?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may be the person we’re looking for. Ethos Church is hiring a part-time person to be our office and facilities manager and provide administrative operational support. One of the biggest needs at Ethos is someone who can come in and care for our facilities and office management. This person would be providing our staff support by taking care of the day-to-day operations of our office and facilities. We have a great team, but with no one currently to fill this need, we get a little out of sorts around here. We want someone like you who can come in, help us keep our space stocked, organized, and clean, troubleshoot facilities or maintenance issues, and take our operations systems and facilities management to the next level. 

Skills & Requirements

  • Is a follower of Jesus Christ
  • Loves being organized and detailed enough to not have to even ask the question “Am I detail-oriented and a lover of organization enough to do this job?” 
  • Specifically wants part-time work for more than a short season
  • Takes instruction well, yet is a self-starter enough to not need help every step of the way
  • Has never met a problem you can’t solve creatively, effectively, and efficiently
  • Can come into a new environment and do what is asked to be done, yet is always looking for ways to improve the system
  • Is not afraid to make mistakes
  • Can play ping-pong at at least an intermediate-amateur level
  • Values team chemistry, synergy, and fun over self-promotion
  • Is not easily distracted from an arduous task
  • Works to completion of tasks, not often leaving loose ends hanging around everywhere
  • Gets along with others well
  • Isn’t above cleaning a bathroom, organizing a storage space, or sweeping a floor to help the team
  • Can occasionally lift boxes or items of up to 40 pounds
  • Can sing at least one line, by memory, of a Billy Joel song
  • Is naturally curious and has a desire to learn and grow
  • The statement “if I don’t know how, I know how to learn how” is true about you
  • Doesn’t mind exploring the capabilities of a system to learn how to use it better and more effectively
  • Desires quality of work over mere completion of a task
  • Has basic computer skills including Microsoft Office, Apple iWorks, and some general tech savviness

If you think you'd be a good fit for this position, please click this link to fill out an application and send your completed application to brookslokey[at]ethoschurch[dot]org.


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