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Hello. Here is a message from one of our brothers, Paul,  that is looking for work. If you know of anything, just shoot Paul an email ( )

----------------- (Message from Paul) ---------------------------------------

To my Brothers and Sisters,

I moved here in May after graduating from college and since then I have struggled to find my faith, to find what God wants for me in this life. Since attending Ethos, I have been challenged to allow Him to take control. I especially appreciate finding brothers and sisters here I can relate to. I attend the house church that Daniel Hudgins and Josh Martin head up and I feel I have found a place to contribute, to serve my Lord. I rejoice for these blessings, but still need prayers. I had a seasonal job for a couple of months, but have been unemployed since August. So here I am, humbly asking my family for advice about finding a job here in Nashville. I know the Lord has called me to paint, to create, to bring beauty to mankind, but I need to find a more consistent form of income. I have been looking for sometime by myself. Now I know I don't have to do this alone. I would appreciate any help that can be extended.

In Love,

Paul Shoulders


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