It Starts with a Garden

Posted by Dave Clayton on

If you have been a part of Ethos Church for any amount of time, you have probably discovered there is much more to our church than simply gathering for worship on Sundays. In fact, we believe our church is at its very best when we aren't just gathered as the people of God, but sent out as the people of God. Each month, our house churches look for tangible ways to bless the people of Nashville through service. I'd like to take a couple of minutes to tell you about some of the incredible ways God is using our house churches to Awaken the Movement Jesus began years ago.

One of our house churches has began asking the question how can we bless those who are living in a assisted care facility called the Meadows? After spending some time with the residents and director, it became clear that the residence were in need of something they could do with their hands that would stimulate their minds as well. So our house church decided to builded a raised bed vegetable garden. The garden will produce lots of food, give the residence something to work on, and will allow many of the residents to participate in one of their favorite hobbies (gardening) that many of them thought they had given up when they moved out of their home. In the months to come, this house church will be returning to help work in the garden, pick vegetables, and to eat a meal with the residents that they grew in the garden.

This is just one small example of how GOD is using our house churches to forcefully advance his Kingdom right here in Nashville. I don't share this to brag on us or to brag on you. I share this so that we may celebrate how God is at work among us. I pray that God will give us opportunities to serve and that we'll be passionate about using our lives and gifts to make his name great. I pray that as God continues to opens doors for us to serve, that we will joyfully walk through them as we seek to Love God, Love People, and Awaken a Movement.


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