I'm an idiot

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The other night, I was on campus with Brandon. We had both spoken on a panel that went fairly well. Afterwards, we had to rush over to a training session for a mission team we are leading in a few months. It was late. I had been on campus for 13 straight hours. I can honestly say that patience was not leading the way in my life at the moment.

 As we were leaving, a student who I didn't really know, stopped us to talk for a moment. Even though we were in a hurry, we realized that our ultimate responsibility is with the students, so we stopped to answer a few of his questions. After about ten minutes of talking with him, and answering his questions, he ended the conversation by insulting Brandon and I. 

Brandon handled it like a champ. I did not. It crawled all over me. Brandon even laughed at me a little for allowing this guy to get under my skin. I stumbled across this post earlier in the week and it caused me to reflect on the "conflict" from Tuesday night.

Read 2 Samuel 16:5-14 sometime.  It’s entertaining and enlightening.
The recap:
-Someone curses King David
-One of David’s men volunteers to cut off the guy’s head
-David replies (in effect): “Let him curse me, God’s got my back.”

I long to have that kind of restraint and perspective.
I’m not there, but this is where I want to get as a leader.

After all, how will it hurt me if someone doesn’t agree with my theology?
Let them disagree…maybe I can even learn something from their disagreement.

Why get so emotionally revved when someone makes a false accusation about me?
Let them accuse…no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

I’d be a whole lot happier and exponentially more effective if I could learn to let things go, bolstered by the confidence that God has got my back. Those who are spiritually secure are able to hear the critical voice, filter and digest what’s helpful, process out the rest, and stay in the zone.

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