If you think it

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One of my favorite leaders, Craig Groeschel recently said, “If you think something good, say it.”  Craig was talking within the context of marriage, encouraging spouses to speak encouraging words over one another. It’s a phenomenal principal for marriage, and really for every other relationship in life.

What if we challenged one another to practice this: “If you think something encouraging…say it!”

We withhold encouragement from those we care about for lots of (bad) reasons:

  • We think if we encourage sparingly, it will mean more when we do give it.  Then people will really appreciate it.

This works about as well as watering your lawn a couple times a year.  Or paying your bills every other month, so the vendors will really appreciate your contribution.

  • We feel awkward when we do it and we’re not that good at it.  Tough.  Get over it.  Force the sentence out of your mouth.

  • We honestly don’t think encouraging things because of our distorted self-image, jealousy, or insecurity.  We need to pray through these issues, asking God to turn our hearts to see the good in others.

If you think something good today...say it.

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