Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Pray

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It’s sometimes hard to know where to start in praying for something as massive and devastating as the effects of Hurricane Harvey.  We’ve compiled a list of specific prayer requests from some of our partners on the ground in Texas to help us as a church family pray specifically and intentionally for our brothers and sisters in and around Houston.  

  • Pray for the victims of Harvey. Many have been displaced from their homes. Some have permanently lost jobs. Others are and will experience extreme difficulty in the months and even years ahead. 

  • Pray for the churches. Pray for the churches that have been destroyed or damaged.  Pray for the ones that haven’t been to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the midst of such heartache and brokenness.  Ask the Lord to give them supernatural wisdom and discernment on how and where to best help.  

  • Pray for the people who have had to evacuate their homes, especially those with nowhere to go. Pray for those unable to evacuate, who have been stranded in their homes. Ask for the Lord’s provision for these people.

  • Pray for the first responders, National Guard, disaster relief volunteers and all others working to rescue those who are stranded, restore power to those without it, render aid to the injured and prevent as much damage as possible. Ask for safety and endurance for these men and women.

  • Pray for the grieving, those who have lost loved ones or suffered injuries, and those who have lost their homes. Ask the Lord to be their comfort and strength through the upcoming days, weeks and months.

  • Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That people in affected areas not only seek to provide daily bread but also to share the Bread of Life, the Lord Jesus. Ask God to send laborers (Matthew 9:35) and to give the recipients of the gospel ears to hear, eyes to see, a heart to believe, and a will to respond!

  • Pray for our partner church- Grace Crossing, and the relief efforts that are being sent out from them.  Pray for their lead pastor- Doug Peters, and his team as they work around the clock to coordinate relief efforts. 

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