Help Spread the Word

Posted by Dave Clayton on

Okay, so you have heard that Ethos is starting another Sunday Night Worship Gathering beginning this week, Sunday September 13th. You are probably wondering, how can I help spread the word? Great question. Here are a few practical ways you can help get the word out. 

1.) Tell people. Novel approach I know. Simply open your mouth, string words together forming a sentence, and speak these words in the direction of another human's ears. If you need help on forming the above mentioned sentence try something like this : "Have you heard Ethos is having a 5pm and a 7pm worship gathering this week? Want to ride with me to the ____pm?"  

2.) Facebook. Update your facebook status. Send out messages. Post on your friend's walls. Be creative.

3.) Twitter. Tweet about the time change like crazy. The more the better. 

4.) Personal Text. If you know people that are regulars at Ethos who have not been during the last 3 weeks, or if you know folks that have not been in a while, make sure they get the message. Give them a call, or shoot them a text. Just don't be the guy that sends out a bunch of mass texts. Everyone hates that. 

5.) Be Creative. You are smart and creative. Use that for something good.

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