Greetings from Portland

Posted by Dave Clayton on

Hello. I hope you guys have had a wonderful Tuesday. Last night, I hopped on a planed and headed to Portland, OR to spend 6 days with a handful of men and women that are all striving to find ways to more faithfully live out the call of Jesus in their lives. All I can say is wow...our God is so big.
He is laying huge dreams on the hearts of incredible people. It has been so wonderful to spend the day with people striving to live so faithfully. It gives me a lot of hope for our world. God is here, and there are people longing to be on board with what He is doing. 

I'm excited. For the next 5 days we will spend 15 hours a day praying, talking, praying, and talking some more. Pray that God shows Ethos exactly what he needs to us. Pray for the other 10 churches represented as well. The kingdom of God is expanding. You are apart of that. Take wonder in what God is doing.

I love you guys. So glad you are my brothers and sisters.

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