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Meet Thomas Njoroge. Thomas and his family live in Nairobi, Kenya.

First, we'll provide you with a little information about Kenya and where the money we raise will go...

Percentage of Christians in Kenya: 47.57%

Our Special Offering will go towards: A sound system for worship and community outreach, Repairs of church property, Pastoral Support

Amount needed: $15,000

We asked Thomas some questions — what their needs are, stories that they want to share, and more. We have elected to share his words exactly as he sent them with you...without changing grammar or that you can hear directly from Thomas! Click the categories to learn more about Thomas and the work in Kenya...


Tell us about yourself and your church...

My story is a God’s story. My Name is Pastor Thomas Njoroge and I got saved in 1996, 14 April and as a young man, I wasn’t aware that God would change my life for eternity. In 1997, God spoke to me in a very clear way about my future in ministry. The future plan is to start a Church that will become a movement of Church planters. That dream was fulfilled through starting Evergreen Church and I pray that the church plants will be fulfilled too.

Evergreen Church started on 5th May 2013 through a prayer fellowship which I started and after four months the church began. Our First venue was in Nairobi City in a hotel called R & J Bistro which was sold out to JAVA a year later and thus we had to move and God blessed us with a County Council grounds in Eastland’s Nairobi. The Nairobi County governor came up with a programme to rehabilitate street children and one of the programme was housed in the County Council facility where we were. We’d reach out to more than 100 street children on a Sunday but the council had no clear guidelines to rehabilitate the children and thus they were rowdy and would vandalize the church items and tents and thus we had to move and are now in a land where God provided miraculously through a parent to a child who comes to church, all this shifting destabilized us, in terms of numbers and other things.

Currently we have been in this land for the last one year and have at least 30 consistent members and 25-35 children. We have seen lives transformed in Evergreen Church. We have witnessed young men and ladies joining college and some graduating. For the last 5 yrs, I felt as though we are moving in a kind of a snail speed. The vision is big but resources are few. Eastlands is a low in-come area and churches tend to struggle for many years before they can achieve some things they want. People are hesitant to join new churches for fear of being asked to contribute towards the growth of the church. But we have also witnessed God blessing churches that have been faithful and kept doing what God had called them to do.

Evergreen Church exists to Love God, Love People and Touch the World. We will achieve this by disciple making and planting churches.

Evergreen Church is investing in the next generation of Church planters. The need to invest in strong, result-oriented leaders comes out of the statics: nearly 1 in 3 Africans are between the ages of 10 and 24, and approximately 60% of Africa’s total population is below the age of 35. Because of this, we will invest where our ministry is. Our priority will be ministry, not marketing! The question I keep asking is “Who will empower and lead these young Africans?” Who will shape the future of business and entrepreneurship, civic, leadership, and public management? We believe that “A Great Commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission will grow a Great Church.”

As a church, we have adapted the model of “Onward” discipleship training. I am training leaders every Sunday morning from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM. The aim is to raise disciples that make disciples and leaders who will plant churches. Onward came at the right time when we needed an empowerment programme. I am talking of 17 leaders who are going through Onward training. Doors have opened in Kisii, Kitale and Kapenguria to train leaders. I am already witnessing a movement happening here in Kenya. My prayer before God is that Evegreen Church will become a “Discipleship and Church planters” training center by God’s grace. I have a witness in my spirit that this is the time and season the Holy Spirit has been waiting for. I am calling on Ethos Church to come along side to partner with us. Next year, we are projecting to plant three churches by God’s grace.

What's Nairobi like?

Nairobi is the most populous city in East Africa, with a current estimated population of about 4.5 million.

According to the 2009 Census, in the administrative area of Nairobi, 3,138,295 inhabitants lived within 696 km2 (269 sq mi).

Nairobi is currently the 12th largest city in Africa, including the population of its suburbs. Nairobi has experienced one of the highest growth rates of any city in Africa. Since its foundation in 1899, Nairobi has grown to become the largest city in East Africa, despite being the youngest city in the region.

The growth rate of Nairobi is currently 4.1%. It is estimated that Nairobi's population will reach 5 million in 2025.

Strip clubs are another growing concern, within Nairobi. Due to competition, an increasing number of restaurants are introducing strippers in order to gain clientele. Many of the girls are highly educated college graduates who turn to stripping because of lack of employment.

Throughout the 1990s, Nairobi had struggled with rising crime, earning a reputation for being a dangerous city and the nickname "Nairobbery".

The city's nightlife is mostly centred along friends and colleagues meeting after work especially on Fridays - commonly known as "Furahiday" (Happy Day), theme nights, events and concerts, and of late a new trend - "herbal bubble" or "Shiisha".

Statistics about Kenya

Taken from a 2011 report...

50% - under 15 years

23% - under the age of 30 years

27% - over 30 years old

4.5 Million in Nairobi

3.5 Million are residents

12% of Nairobian’s attend church

Kenya currently has a pyramid shaped population structure mainly because the majority of the Country's population is concentrated at the bottom between age 0 and 14 years old. It is envisaged that Kenya will experience a demographic shift and the bulge will shift to the working Population, mainly starting with the 15-34 years olds’. It means that by the year 2020, Kenya will transition from a 'child-rich' phase/child bulge to a young adult'/youthful or youth bulge population with the highest concentration in the population being 20-24 year olds.'


Ushauri Initiative

As a church we have an initiative called “Ushauri” which means to council. We are mentoring High School students in our church community and those who’ve just finished high school in life skills training, self-awareness. We are also helping to mentor and council families with the issues they are going through.

Word Camp

Two years ago, we started a children’s holiday programme that reaches out to kids in our community. We realized that their formative years are very crucial with their faith.  This last August holiday we ministered to 96 kids between the, day two 108 and day three 130 kids in total within a period of 27th -30th. The programme is designed in a way we have sessions of Bible lessons, Life Skills, Team building and games for the three days.

We were amazed by what God did. Ninety-five kids received Jesus as Lord and savior. We were giving snacks to the kids everyday and this motivated more and more kids to come in. Most of these kids come from families where they can only afford one meal a day.

On our last day we bought watches for each child as a gift. We wanted them to know that God has given us all one thing in equal and that is time and they can also change their lives and families if they use time well. To some, this is the only gift they have ever received and it brought in so much excitement. The same Sunday, we had more than 50 kids for our service where we celebrated them and had cakes for the kids.

As a church, we’ve been desiring to start a feeding programme for the children in this community probably every Saturday, because the community we serve in is not a well to do community. We’ve been giving the children biscuits and a packet of long life milk every Sunday and something we noted, most of the children would not open the packet of milk so that they’d take to their parents back at home to share with the rest of the family for a cup of tea. Some don’t perform well in school due to hunger.

We have success stories, where we’ve seen children being transformed and changed from the way they look to their performance through prayers, mentorship and affirmation. We’ve also witness family’s getting transformed too and all this we give glory to God.

Three years ago, a small girl by the name gift started coming to Evergreen Church with some of her neighbors. After an year or so, the mother- Felistas Atieno joined her. She is one of the most committed members of our church and she is going through Onward discipleship programme.

Community Outreach

This past August 2019, we managed to organize a community outreach every evening from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM for four days between 27th -30th. It was awesome serving our community through music and preaching. Though no one converted but we noticed the community was very responsive as we were praying for the needs. But we had a challenge of Public Address System and the weather wasn’t favorable because it was drizzling.

Our desire has been to reach out to the community through musicals in strategic places. Within the community, we have six High Schools and quite a number of Primary Schools that we are planning to go and hold worship services. Our plan has been to have an out-reach every week and we hope this will be fulfilled.

We had a great one in Evergreen Church. This month I am preaching on "The Call to Pray." We are sensing God's Spirit in our midst and a call to intercession.

Concerning the Onward Season One at Evergreen Church, today and next Sunday we are discussing the book "30 Days to Understanding the Bible." Today we were discussing Section One - The Story of the Old Testament. 

I wish you were here with us to see how elated the leaders were when they were sharing some of the facts they have discovered about the Bible. Many of them confessed that now they understand the sequence of the Bible,

I am writing this with excitement. I can't wait for next Sunday with them! I still covet your prayers as I trust the Holy Spirit to use me in the lives of these leaders God is raising in our Church.



As the pastor of Evergreen Church, I had made a request if I can be supported financially for the next three years. It has not been easy for the last 5 yrs going without a salary. Sometimes we support other families with what my wife gets. This last month we paid rent for a single mother with her two kids. I helped a pastor in the neighborhood by adding to his daughter’s school fees.

Sound System

Evergreen Church has been trusting God for a sound system that will assist us in the Church and Community outreaches. This is a priority for us. This is one of the way we are sensing God will us to bring in the harvest as we also go to schools.

Iron Sheet Fence

One side of the fence fell off due to clogged sewage water. The wood and iron sheets were rotten because they were put up many years ago. We hope our church will have a presentable look. We feel this has been keeping some people off.

We hope you have been inspired as you read Thomas' stories. If you'd like to give towards our Special Offering, go here and make sure to select "Birthday 2019" as your designation. 

For more information about Birthday Sunday, go here.


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