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Meet Aleksandar (Sasha) Vuletić and his wife Maria. Together they lead Trinitas Christian Fellowship, in Skopje, R. Macedonia.

First, we'll provide you with a little information about Macedonia and where the money we raise will go...

Percentage of Christians in Macedonia: 0.16%

Our Special Offering will go towards: Planting a new church, Planting a new church +Transportation (Visiting churches, pastoral ministry, serving the poor), Office space for two years (Church planting & pastoral ministry)

Amount needed: $47,970

We asked Sasha lots of questions — what their needs are, stories that they want to share, and more. We have elected to share his words exactly as he sent them with you...without changing grammar or that you can hear directly from Sasha! Click the categories to learn more about Sasha and Maria and the work in Macedonia...


When did you begin?

1981 Sasha & Maria received Christ

1987 personal street/friendship evangelism in Skopje

1988 first church plant/first charismatic fellowship in Skopje (Evangelical Church Skopje), church planting church with about 30 churches in Macedonia today

1995 together with team planted second church pant in Skopje (490 Christian Center Skopje), church planting church with about 6 churches in Macedonia today

2015 third church plant in Skopje (Trinitas CF Skopje)

How many people does your ministry serve each week?

Skopje 35 + Kumanovo 4 + Tetovo 7

How many folks are in discipling relationships / groups?

5 Skopje, 1 Kumanovo

How many people have given their life to Jesus this year that you are aware of?

15 in Nursing home Skopje, 2 Tetovo, 3 Skopje


Vehicle for ministry: 19,000 Euros ($21,020 USD)

We have a quite used up vehicle for the last 15 years and repairs become almost frequently. That car would be primarily used for ministry trips, mission trips, distribution of books and humanitarian help for the poor as well as for our family. The church at the moment cannot afford a separate vehicle, like a van.
At the moment the most useful help would be a 7-seater, 3-4 years old, which will last at least 15 years. We have been looking for a good 7seater van, from Germany, VW, and the price would be between 15.000 – 17.000Euros. For transport from Germany, registration and other additional costs will be about 2000 Euros.

Office Space and Ministry Center: 12,600 Euros ($13,950 USD)

We are in the need for office space and a ministry center that would be closer to the center of the city and easily accessible from all parts of the city. It would serve as an office space, place for smaller seminars, counseling and prayer meetings. It would have a coffee and tea corner with a library.

Your part of support would be helping us with the rent and furnishing of the place. If you could help us with a 2-year rent and the initial investment for furnishing.

24 month at 400 euros = 9,600 Euros
Minor repairs & furnishing of the place = 3000 Euros

New Church Plant in Tevoto: $7,000 USD


Through the Media in Macedonia...

The media in Macedonia is not very free and open towards the evangelical community. The Lord has his ways how to use us for spreading the Good news. Few years ago, when God put on my heart to reach as many people as possible, to saw the seed to as many as possible. An overwhelming assignment that only God can do!

Few times we shared with friends our testimony about how we were not supposed to have children due to Marias many surgeries and the damage that the doctor did during her operations, and how God gave us 3 healthy children. Suddenly, out of the blue, a lady from the National TV contacted us to be on a live TV show where the topic was: “How do you deal with the news that you will never have children?” 

We did not had time to prepare since it was like for the next day. But we prayed that the Lord will give us the right thoughts and words. 

We could share our life story for 45 minutes and give at the end a testimony about how the Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled His promise in giving us 3 miracle children.

After request from viewers that show was aired 3 times on the National TV and about half a million people could hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. WOW! God is good.

From Vera, a Member of Trinitas Christian Fellowship

Hi, my name is Vera (Faith), I got saved recently, and I am part of the church family “Trinitas” Christian Fellowship for 1 ½ year. My daughter works as a chief of police and was very antagonistic towards me talking to her and the grandchildren about Jesus, she even didn’t want to hear anything about the church since she considered herself an atheist. By faith I invited her to bring the children to the event of distributing Christmas gifts at the church. In the beginning she was very reserved, but when she saw the children rejoicing and singing Christmas songs and taking part in the program, she slowly calmed down. The children enjoyed the event very much, they liked the Children’s Bible, the CD with children Christmas songs and the fun they had with the gifts they received. The children liked the music so much that they asked the parents if they can listen to it every time when they are in the car.

Two weeks ago, my son in law had a car accident and it was a miracle that he did not die but had only few fractures. Because of the believers I met during the Christmas event I could ask them to intercede for my son in law, and during my visit in their home, for the first time in her life, my daughter asked for prayer for the son in law, and the children are now openly praying for their father.

My son in law needed to undergo surgery, but the surgery was not possible, because of his allergy to anesthetic. So now the whole family sees the only solution in the Lord and in his supernatural healing. I am so blessed to be a disciple of Jesus and part of Trinitas CF. (update: The son in law did not have a surgery since God healed him supernaturally. We as a church are praying that this will bring the whole family to salvation.)

Nena Shpresa, Mother Hope

Shpresa is an older lady, widow, in her 70s. During her youth she received Christ while living in Albania and sadly was forced by her unbelieving patents to marry a Muslim man from Tetovo, about 45 min drive from Skopje, in order to escape Albania. Despite the pressure from her husband’s Muslim family, she stood strong in her faith, resisted Islam and all these years she prayed that one day, some Christians will come to town in order to open a church and that she would be able to give tithe from her small pension. After her husband died, his family exercised even more pressure upon her, but she persistently was asking the Lord for a church.

In miraculous way she found out about our church plant in Tetovo, “The Shift Center” and got connected with our missionary family Gregor & Keila Menga there. It was in a period when they where fighting spiritually asking the Lord if there is any HOPE for this City. Her Name Shpresa means HOPE in Albanian language. Gregor & Keila said that she was an answer from the Lord. Nena Shpresa (Mother Hope), as they call her now is such a joy and inspiration to be around.  She came on their Bible Study one Wednesday and before they started she got some money out and put it on the table. “This is my tithe”, she said. “I have been wanting to do this for years!” One other time she bought all sorts of groceries for the missionary family and left them at the door with their son Samuel. She did the same for Freddy and Diana, another missionary family from El Salvador. 

She enjoys to be a grandmother to their kids. And they love her. She must be so happy to have found other believers and is expressing it in all these things she does.

But please pray for her. She is strictly controlled by her ex-husband’s Muslim family who she says are very hostile and aggressive towards her because of her faith in Christ. Many times, she is not able to come or even to call on the phone. The enemy is making all sorts of trouble for her. While her husband was living she was freer, but now everyone in the family feels has to police her. Pray the Lord will turn this around and give Gregor & Keila access through her to the family so that they will be given opportunities to share with them the hope we have in Christ.

We hope you have been inspired as you read Sasha's stories. If you'd like to give towards our Special Offering, go here and make sure to select "Birthday 2019" as your designation. 

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