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Meet Patrick Muhereza. Patrick and his family live in Kampala, Uganda. This is a more urban area of Uganda.

First, we'll provide you with a little information about Uganda and where the money we raise will go...

Percentage of Christians in Uganda: 33.83%

Our Special Offering will go towards: Supporting Vive Church, which launched on September 9, 2019!

Amount needed: $10,000

We asked Patrick some questions — what their needs are, stories that they want to share, and more. We have elected to share his words exactly as he sent them with you...without changing grammar or that you can hear directly from Patrick! Click the categories to learn more about Patrick and the work in Uganda...


Tell us about yourself and your church...

My name is Patrick Muhereza. My wife Doreen and I live in Kampala, Uganda. Also known as the "Pearl of Africa". 

I got to do Onward Church Planting earlier this year, January 2019. It was a miracle in every way. God connected us to Onward just when we were grappling with the instruction God had given us to disciple His people, through church planting. We knew what He(GOD) had asked of us, but did not know how exactly this was going to play out. We had more questions than answers. We were stuck...,(to say the least)and afraid of what the future looked like if we were to take a step of faith and obey God. Well through the six months of going through the training, every week i would get light bulb moments that would contribute to the many questions I had had, and the global cohort gave us confidence that we were not the only "crazy" people out their. That we had a family that we could fall back on and stand with. A family that we could cry with and celebrate the wins with.

With this confidence we were armored to start. We started in coffee shops. We invited people to eat or drink with us. We were particularly burdened with a special group of people. People that had been in church, that had experienced it all, but for some reason had fallen away from Grace or ministry. We felt strongly burdened to create communities of discipleship that would reconnect these friends back to God and re-ignite their purpose in God. And what started as a one conversation has since grown into a community of 30 adults, and with these folks we are planting VIVE CHURCH in the City of Kampala.


EX Foundation

One of our church planting team members, Mr. Lenny Businge started a discipling initiative that reaches prisoners. Ex foundation helps the committed to find their hope in Christ and intentionally offers skills based training to the unskilled in prison.

Heart Showers

Patrick's wife, Doreen was burdened by the number of teenagers who were getting pregnant within Kampala City. She together with three other friends of hers started an initiative that seeks to speak to the real challenges that teenage mothers face. 

The Knot Experience

Another, really creative way that our ministry is serving the communities in which we live is around marriages. The Knot Experience was birthed with a sole intention to enrich marriages and prepare those that are planning on getting married. The Knot has helped change the negative narrative around the marriage institution within the city of Kampala. They have seen divorced couples remarry, singles prepared appropriately and the marrieds enriched. This is led by Diane Komunda.

With these few folks, we have done discipleship life together, and we still continue to do the same. We tailor our experience towards leading people to fulfill their purpose in life.


To go towards operating expenses for VIVE CHURCH

Worship & Creative Arts; Kids & Family Ministries; Marketing & Outreach; Enviroment & Experience; Admin and Operations

We hope you have been inspired as you read Patrick's stories. If you'd like to give towards our Special Offering, go here and make sure to select "Birthday 2019" as your designation. 

For more information about Birthday Sunday, go here.


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