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Misha and Alija Bakic | Serbia

Misha, Alija, and their daughter live in Leskovac, Serbia and minister to the Roma Gypsy people. Misha has shared heartbreaking stories about the persecution that has come with being a Gypsy, which is one of the reasons they prefer to be called the “Roma people”. Roma translated means “human”, and he shared with our team how feeling like a human being as been of the biggest struggles for their people group. Even within the last decade, some evangelical associations have told missionaries “not to worry about sharing the Gospel with Gypsies, because they don’t have souls,” and many Europeans are still extremely hateful towards them. They are one of the most despised people groups in the world, yet we have witnessed such resilience, hope, and strength in both their family and church.

Misha is a pastor at Zajednica Roma Community Church in Leskovac, Serbia. His father, Pastor Serif, and another pastor, Pastor Bojan, planted the church in 1986. It was the first Roma church in ex-Yugoslavia. Their church is now the largest church in all of Serbia, and they have planted over 30 churches so far all across Europe. We feel like the Roma Gypsies are the type of people group that Jesus would be hanging out with if he were on earth today, and we are beyond excited to get to partner together with Pastors Misha, Serif, and Bojan to spread the gospel throughout the Roma people in Europe. 

Their team has an amazing and ready-to-execute vision to plant 10 new churches in the next 3 years. A portion of the money we are raising through our Special Offering will completely fund the first year of this vision. The first year covers planting 3 new churches in Brestovac, Sainovac, and Cenovac in Serbia. We are privileged and honored to get to come alongside the Roma Gypsy community to see the Gospel spread through their people, and we are hoping that Misha will be able to join us for some of our gatherings on November 7th!

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