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Meet Mads Fredskilde and his wife Elisabeth. They live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

First, we'll provide you with a little information about Denmark and where the money we raise will go...

Percentage of Christians in Denmark: 3.62%

Our Special Offering will go towards: Community Outreach Events

Amount needed: $1,660

We asked Mads lots of questions — what their needs are, stories that they want to share, and more. We have elected to share his words exactly as he sent them with you...without changing grammar or that you can hear directly from Mads! Click the categories to learn more about Mads and Elisabeth and the work in Denmark...


Tell us about yourself...

We have not yet planted, but we are still in the build-up period. We are planting a church in Valby, which is a local and urban neighborhood in Copenhagen, about 2 miles from the center. We are Building friendships with a lot of people and reaching out with events about the Christian faith. (This is an extreme post-christian culture).

We moved back to Copenhagen last years, after 4 years as missionaries in South America – and 8 months in the US. We both I Work as Family and marriage counselors. We also rent out part of our house for tourists, so financially we are OK now, although it has taken some time (and we are still struggling at times).

Our major challenge is that my wife and I are by ourselves in the ministry. We have begged God to send other strong christians to help. We have reached out to, and befriended at least 5 Christian couples, but so far Progress is slow. Understanding is also slow - as to why we do this? and not just join one of their churches :-). To some Christians, it almost seems like an offense to start a new church instead of supporting the Work already going on. So please pray that we get help – solid Christians who can disciple others. Either from local Christians or from outside – International Missionaries. – Or maybe God just want us to build from scratch – that is what I sometimes think.


Rent for Church Meetings and Community Events: 300 x 5 = 1500 euro ($1,660 USD)

Since we are self supported financially, the only thing that we need, is rent for our events when we grow a little closer to launching. The crowd around us is growing steadily and we hope to be able to rent a cool place centrally and well known in our community - for some of our upcoming events. Our events have held between 12 – 24 people so far, but we pray for and anticipate larger gatherings soon - as our Network, friendships and trust in the community are building up. Our plan is to go slow though, as we need a solid core Group of capable disciples – WHO are able to disciple others - more than we need the masses.
Rent in a community venue for private events are from 2-300 per time. We anticipate doing around 5 public events over the Next 6 – 9 months  before we officially launch a church. Right now we have NO financing -at all. Which Means, if we need to put Money up – it is from our our Means.
We also know that some people in this World are struggling more than we are – so we pray that your offering may fall where it is felt the most and we won't take it personally, if we are skipped this time  – for greater needs in the World.


In Our Neighborhood

We now have about 30-40 people in our facebook Group who are interested in what we do with our christian faith in the neighborhood. Most of them have been to our Christian events and we have shared our faith and testimony with all of them. We Work intentionally with ”the person of Peace” idea and we have invested in a handful of people and also in their friends and Family. I have had a weekly bible study at a coffee shop with one guy – David – he now sincerely want to get baptized and follow Jesus – today he brought another friend for our bible study – He wants to join in - and David has more friends interested. There are other people that we are Building, discussing and moving forwards with -more than we can give an account for here. So slowly but surely God is moving in to our neighborhood!

Freedom Prayer

We offer Freedom prayer – which has been a great success. – There are so many stories now. David (the guy I  mentioned before) came around after a Freedom prayer – and God has delivered him from a lot of stuff inclusive addictions and hurt Family-relationships etc. We have about 5 people lined up for Freedom sessions and David is all in for participating and learning. We are praying to equip every/most of our converts/members to do Freedom prayer. 

Planned Events

We have several events planned for the coming season – a ”love and faith” - Christian theme night for couples in cooperation with our local state church Nov 9th. - and a valentines ”celebration of love” Night for Young couples – based on love and faith too. We also do community counseling in the lower income (project) areas of our neighborhood, cooperating with a local organization and we have a few events lined up – not Christian focused -but in order to reach out to our neighborhood and love and connect with people. We have what we call a ”christian intro Night” coming up, with the title ”Jesus from Nazareth” how he changed the world and transforms people today.

We have been alternating between doing house church with our Family (us plus David 13 and Rebekka 10) and attending a larger evangelical church (mostly for teen ministry and fellowship) . Our plan is start opening our home for home church, when we have 2-4 other disciples of Jesus invested in our mission. We pray that this will happen at the beginning months of Next year.

In Closing

Much love from here. And thank you for all your love and support. Not a day passes by when we are not thinking of you and all the wisdom, love and support that you have given us.

We hope you have been inspired as you read Mads' stories. If you'd like to give towards our Special Offering, go here and make sure to select "Birthday 2019" as your designation. 

For more information about Birthday Sunday, go here.


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