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Ethos Church is turning 12! Click here to find out more about how we are celebrating our birthday this year. Read on to find out more about our Global Partner in Albania — we'll be praying for and giving towards the work happening there!

Meet Klodian, Alketa, Livia, and Mateo Lumçi from Shkoder, Albania. Klodian is the pastor of Illyricum Church. Klodian found our Sunday Livestream on Youtube in late March — and he, his family, and their church team have continued to join us each Sunday!

Albania is considered unreached — with less than 2% of the population identifying as Christian (most recent stats are 0.6% Christian). It is 70% Muslim. There are only 8 small evangelical churches in their city, all less than 150 people. Klodian and his family have a dream to plant 10 churches in 10 years. They have already planted 3 churches — two in Shkoder and one in a small village outside the city. One of their churches is called UP Cafe, and it is a church that meets in a coffee shop in order to reach young people. They hope to plant their next church in Montenegro.

How did Klodian and his family find Ethos?

In his own words: "We were doing this in the first weeks, I was tired and Praying to God for help, I need to be recharged, I was at home, praying alone and in the time you have church here in Albania it is almost 17:00 (5pm). So I have open youtube just to find some worship songs and there I saw Ethos Church, it was worship time, and Pastor Dave was preaching about Daniel Chapter 2. And I was just there, just listening and I felt so inspired. Your online church inspired me to start doing online church, too — and so we did. After that Sunday, I knew from God what I had to do. We had more than 800 people write to us for prayers and needs, — miracles happening and also people accepting Jesus. I was so encouraged, and every Sunday after I finish our Church ministry, I go home and wait to be part of Ethos, and I have asked this to my team to and all of Us like it. I don’t know but after all this time I feel part of Ethos and this is amazing how God can bless us in this way."

How can we, Ethos Church, pray for Klodian, his family, and their church?

Give To The Work in Albania

Below are some of the needs that Klodian and his church currently have. We are honored to come alongside them in prayer and giving to help relieve some of the burden they carry. We hope to raise as much as we can — and anything we raise above this amount will go towards other global partnerships.


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