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As we've continued to step into more intimacy with the Lord as a church family, we are discovering the real power there is in prayer and the importance of connecting with the Lord in this way.  From our month of prayer and fasting through FAST FORWARD, to the growing desire to receive prayer at the Respond Banner on Sundays, to the joy and revelation we're experiencing in Prayer Gathering, to the way people are simply learning to press into the Lord personally and communally in House Church through prayer, we're seeing this desire for more of GOD in prayer.

Jennifer Barnett, who is an Ethos family member at the Cannery, approached Aaron Etheridge (Campus Pastor at the Cannery), Brooks Lokey (Ministry Leader at the Cannery) and myself several months ago and shared a ministry opportunity with us.  She and a dear friend, Andy Reese (who is a family member at Otter Creek Church in Brentwood) lead a prayer ministry called Freedom Prayer.  To put it most simply, it is a prayer ministry that focuses on inner healing. I could explain what it is, but they can do a much better job of it.  Here is a summary of what they do from their website: 

"Freedom Prayer is a biblically-based personal prayer ministry approach founded in reconciliation and restoration before God.  Implemented in thousands of churches, daily-life and therapeutic settings, Freedom Prayer appropriates the finished work of the cross to help others find freedom from sin, pain, strongholds and limiting beliefs that hinder a fruitful and fulfilling relationship with the Lord."

Jennifer has known Freedom Prayer for 20 years personally.  She and Andy, who is the founder, have built and trained groups for nearly 7 years all over the globe, so this is no new thing for them.  Here is the website if you'd like to look around and learn more.


We sensed that the trajectory of where Ethos is heading with prayer as a church family lines up very well with what Freedom Prayer is offering, and that the Lord is presenting us with a wonderful opportunity to grow in regards to prayer ministry.  I'm writing to you today because I want to invite you to be a part of this training that has been offered to our Ethos Church family, completely free of charge.  Jennifer and Andy do this because they have seen the Lord work in mighty ways through it and they want as many people to experience freedom and then to be able to help others. This is one of the ways they get to use their gifts to bless and build up the church.  

Aaron Etheridge's Experience

I had the opportunity this past Sunday to sit down with Jen and Cory Barnett to experience the Freedom Prayer ministry that we are inviting you to be a part of. I have been a part of prayer times like this several times before, and so I had some sense of what to expect in regards to the structure and how we would spend our time. However, nothing could have prepared me for the way the Holy Spirit guided and led our time together. I came into the experience just hoping to gain some insight into what makes Freedom Prayer unique, but God had other plans. Through the leading of His Spirit, I dealt with some deep soul level issues where I have not been living fully into my freedom in Christ. It was a truly liberating and soul satisfying experience.

If you have interest in helping others find a fuller freedom in Christ through partnership with the Holy Spirit, then I strongly urge you to come be a part of this training with us. I fully believe that God is going to use this ministry to take our whole church to much deeper places with Him.


When training begins: Tuesday night, January 23 from 6:30-8:30pm

How long is the training: 10 consecutive weeks, Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:30, ending on Tuesday, March 27.

Where will the training be held: the Ethos Church Office (located in Berry Hill)

Will childcare be provided: Yes.  We don't want this to be a reason you couldn't participate.  We will cover the cost.


We hope to have a team that comes out of the training that will be our Ethos  Freedom Prayer Team.  This group of people will be available to pray with those looking for this type of prayer as the prayer team's schedule allows.  We intend to communicate to the entire church, once we've been trained, that this team is wanting/available to pray.


Because space is limited, we will only be able to accommodate the first 20 people that sign up.  Please reply to Brandon Steele ( ) as soon as you have prayed and discerned if this is something the Lord has for you in this season.  We fully intend to host this training again, so if this one doesn't work out, that's okay, there will be another opportunity.  Please only say yes if you'll be able to attend the training sessions. While that is a big commitment, it will be beneficial to go through the whole training

RSVP for Children

If you are planning on bringing children, please let me know how many kids you'll be bringing, as well as their ages by clicking on the link below.  This will help us as we line up childcare.

RSVP for children here.

For those of you that are going to be participate in the training, I will connect again with you before we begin training with more details.


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