Flood Relief Updates

Posted by Dave Clayton on

As most of you know by now, we have cancelled both of our worship gatherings tonight due to flooding, dangerous road conditions, and loss of power.

This morning, several of us were able to make it over to visit our friends that live in Tent City. Due to their location next to the river, the water level was between 2 and 4 ft deep throughout most of the camp. The families that are living there have lost everything. With the help of Doug Sanders and the OC Family, and the folks at Church on Church St., we were able to evacuate approx. 50 people from Tent City this morning and relocate them to the Red Cross Shelter at Lipscomb University.

Over the next several days there are going to be lots of opportunities to help those directly affected by the flooding. Please check back frequently to see how you can help.

Love you guys. Thanks for being the church.

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