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Meet Juan Manuel Cruz, known to most as Johnny.

If you've been around the Cannery for long, you've probably seen him. What you may not know about Johnny is that he shows up each and every Sunday to clean up the parking lot and porch at the Cannery. He joyfully sweeps the steps and picks up beer bottles littered through the lot from the previous night's shows. Johnny is faithful in showing up and wants no recognition for the tasks.

I took a few minutes this past Sunday to ask Johnny a few questions...

Why do you come to Ethos?
"The people here lift my spirit. It's good to see people come together to serve Jesus in unity. I love coming and cleaning the parking lot and volunteering."

Why do you keep showing up to clean the parking lot?
"I started doing it because no one else was doing it. No one was doing it, but I could. I didn't want people to walk on glass or get a flat tire. I thought it looked bad, but I knew I could make it better."

What is your dream for Nashville and Jesus?
"I want people to come together, to stop doing drugs and alcohol, to let the Lord in their hearts and serve and love one another."

Johnny is a great and friendly guy with a lot of passion. It's amazing to see the way he loves and serves our church week in and week out, without anyone knowing. If you see him around, stop and say hi! 

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Billirene Crosby May 15, 2015 10:39am

We always enjoy talking to him on Sunday mornings!