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Mission & Vision

You might be familiar with our mission as a church — Love God. Love People. Awaken a Movement. Everything we do funnels directly out of our mission, including the ways we disciple and teach our kids. I want to take a moment and share with you some upcoming changes we are really excited about within our kids program at Marathon.

In the fall, as Marathon Music Works began renovations and construction, we began to realize the current space and way of operating was going to change for our kids ministry. They were making big investments into the spaces for the musical artists they cater to, and I don’t think it should come as a surprise that those changes didn’t simultaneously cater to a kids ministry on Sundays. This was not shocking or defeating, and in fact, one can find it encouraging when you remember why we meet where we do. We don’t meet in a bar/music venue because it’s convenient or cool. It’s a missional decision. Our desire is to meet in a location that is non-threatening to those that are not comfortable in a traditional church setting. Meeting in a bar helps us erase some of the barriers that have been created in traditional church settings. We are teaching our kids to view life through missional lenses, but this also means we have be creative as we create classrooms and environments for them to grow & learn.

We asked you all to bear with us and remain flexible for a season as we worked towards a more “permanent” solution. The kids program at Marathon started organically, when family members started inviting and bringing local children from a nearby neighborhood, and has been continually growing ever since. Not only had Marathon Music Works changed their philosophy and pricing structure for the green rooms, we were reaching a point of outgrowing them as well.


The Marathon team spent time in prayer as we sought out a solution. Through a series of events we began a relationship with a company called Portable Church Industries. A company that specifically works with churches in non-traditional spaces to help create sustainable, and easy solutions for things like kids programs. At the same time Marathon Music Works was also beginning work on a new 3000 sq. ft. vestibule space, connected to the venue. As we worked with Portable Church Industries and Marathon Music Works, we realized that we would be able to create a new space for our kids program that was:

    1. More ideal for a kids space
    2. Had better long-term cost benefits
    3. Allowed room for continued growth and
    4. Was a system that would be much easier on our volunteers week in and week out.

God has given us an amazing leader, Hanna Manning, who will continue to lead the charge of helping our kids Love God, Love People, and Awaken a Movement. We believe this new system and space will give Hanna the resources she needs to continue flourishing in her role. The transition date to the new space will be Sunday, April 9th.


Here’s how you can get involved



As we make this transition it’s an opportunity to spend time praying for our kids who are already a part of our church family, but it’s also a reminder to pray that God would use this space to draw more people from our community to Him. Will you join us in prayer?


We really believe God helped us find the very best possible solution as our kids program moves forward. We also believe that the upfront cost of the Portable Church Kids System will pay Kingdom dividends for years to come. We are inviting you to give to help cover the $25,000 cost of implementing this new kids program. Will you give towards this investment in our kids and the kids to come? To give follow this link.


If you aren’t already serving on a volunteer team, this is a great opportunity to serve within our church family. We will need help setting up the new kids program each week as well as teachers for each age group. To join the set-up team follow this link! To join the kids team follow this link!


As we get ready to move into this new kids space, with room to grow, it is an amazing opportunity and moment to invite families you know that aren’t already connected to a church body. Will you take this opportunity to invite your friends?


I love this church family deeply, and can’t wait to see all God has in store for the future of our church — the kids. May we do all we can to help raise up Kingdom leaders that Love God, Love People, and Awaken a Movement. 


Grace & Peace,

Andrew Smith | Ethos Church


**This is not our actual space or system, but it will help give you an idea of what Portable Church Industries has created for us. I repeat, these are only example photos.**




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