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When Ethos Church held its first services in the fall of 2008, our vision was bold yet simple. As a church we set out to change the world by Loving God, Loving People, and Awakening the movement that Jesus began.

Quite simply, this meant that we would see ourselves not simply as a group gathered for church services, but instead as a group of people gathered with Christ, ready to change our city and the world.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen this vision come to life as our church has served in neighborhoods all across the city, helped plant churches all across the country, and blessed thousands of people all across the world with food, clean water, medical relief, and the good news of Jesus Christ. We have seen this gathering of people grow from a handful of friends, to more than a thousand people ready to change the world as we follow Jesus together.

On Easter Sunday, Ethos Church is going global. We are moving beyond the confines of downtown Nashville as we plant two new churches (Ethos Basirhat and Ethos Gaborda) and a school in the eastern most corner of India (on the border of Bangladesh).

The first church plant located in Basirhat, India will be led by Sandip Chatterjee and his team. His associate minister Piyas Dey will be handling most of the day to day ministry as Sandip helps launch the second church. In addition to launching the church in Basirhat, we will be building and staffing a school that will teach local trades and skills (i.e. basket weaving) and assist adults in becoming more literate through reading programs. Currently Basirhat is 60% Hindu, 28% Muslim, and 2% Christian. It is going to be incredible to watch Jesus change Basirhat through our new church there.

The second church will be located in Gaborda, India, not far from the border of Bangladesh. This is a dangerous area, as human traffickers often cross the border in this area resulting in many women and children becoming victims of sex trafficking. Our new church will be working towards providing education and practical work solutions for children and women that will ultimately help protect them from becoming easy targets for human traffickers. We believe Jesus has big plans for his church in Gaborda, and we can’t wait to watch what he does there.

There are 3 practical ways you can help.

ONE : PRAY. You can pray for Sandip, Piyas, their families, and the two local teachers we will hire to run the school. There has never been a Christian church in either of these places and we believe the enemy will look for ways to stop them at all cost. Pray for these great folks who are joining our team here at Ethos to Awaken a Movement and advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in India.

TWO : GIVE. As you can imagine it takes money to build a school, fund a church planter’s salary, and hire school teachers. If you would like to help with this effort we would welcome your financial support. You can GIVE online HERE.

THREE : GO. In the months and years to come, our hope is to take teams from Ethos to visit our churches in India. If you feel God calling you to go and be a part of this work, let us know by emailing us at . If you are interested in going on a short term trip through Ethos Church, just hang tight, we will provide info regarding that as it becomes available.

Thank you for joining us on this journey as we strive to LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, and AWAKEN a MOVEMENT.


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