Ethos at Rocketown this Sun (Aug 30th)

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Lots of churches have to change locations periodically when something unexpected happens (i.e. a busted pipe,  a tree crashing through the roof of the sanctuary, etc). Since our church meets in a bar, we periodically have to adjust our plans to  accommodate The Cannery's schedule. 

This Sunday (Aug 30th), The Wallflowers will be playing a sold out show at The Cannery. Typically when there is a conflict on the schedule, Ethos moves upstairs to the Mercy Lounge. The truth is, we have quite simply outgrown the Mercy Lounge and cannot get everyone through the doors.

Rocketown has graciously allowed us to use their venue this week. This will only be a one time deal. Rocketown is just a few blocks away from the Cannery, and they have even worked out a deal for free parking. What more can you ask for when you are trying to relocate 500+ people with just a few days notice? God is good. Thanks to Rocketown and the Cannery for allowing us to partner with them. 

Directions to Rocketown
(click here)

1.) Tell everyone you know that Ethos will meet at Rocketown this Sunday (1 week only) @ 6 pm
2.) Post it on facebook, twitter, write blogs, send emails, texts, or just tell someone
3.) Carpool
4.) Bring a friend with you that doesn't go to church, and Bring a Bible
5.) Pray for God to do something huge among us this Sunday Night

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