Ethos' 2nd Birthday - We're Giving it Away

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Ethos turns two years old on October 24.

To celebrate, we are giving away our birthday to Charity: Water.

Generosity is a core commitment of our church. We believe God is a generous God. In fact, deep within the DNA of Ethos Church is an understanding that all good things are from God, and our purpose is found not in the consumption of those good things, but in the sharing of those good things.

Charity: Water provides a great way for our church to get involved with global missions in a really effective way.

To learn all about the Charity: Water and participate in our birthday celebration, check out the Charity: Water site, read research and watch videos. It's all HERE.

Also, this Sunday, Ethos will be taking up a special offering for our water project campaign. We have a goal to raise $20,000 for water projects in four villages. For only $20, you can supply clean drinking water to one person. How many people can you be a hero for?

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