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Hello Ethos!

I hope your week has gotten off to a great start. As we enter into our second week of this 30 Day Journey of Prayer and Fasting, I wanted to take a few moments to encourage you as we continue on this journey together. 


First things first, I want to thank you for this past Sunday at TPAC. I don't know about you, but I was so encouraged by our time together as a church family. To the hundreds of you that have volunteered over the last few weeks — thank you! To those of you that showed up early to pray — thank you! To all of you that had such joyful attitudes despite having to park a little further and wait a little longer than normal to get in the building — thank you! Your Christlike attitude made Sunday such a joyful experience from start to finish. 


Secondly, to those of you that have young children, thank you for your amazing attitudes and willingness to go the extra mile to be with our church family on these weeks that are a bit out of the ordinary. As a parent of 3 little boys, I know how difficult navigating a new venue can be with little kids in tow, and yet you have handled it like champs. Your attitudes and your willingness to do whatever it takes to help our church become a praying church has encouraged me so deeply. 


Thirdly, to those of you that have committed yourself to God through prayer and fasting — thank you! It has been incredible to hear not only the stories of how God is already moving, but just as importantly how serious our church family has been in this pursuit of God. Every good thing in life requires a level of sacrifice, and our relationship with God is no different. As we enter into this second week of our journey together, my prayer is simple. I am praying that God will give you a deep ability to joyfully persevere. In my past experiences with prayer and fasting, I have often found that the second week of the journey can be the most difficult. It is at this point that the "newness" or excitement of the journey can wear off, and the inconvenience of my pledge to God can set in. Don't be discouraged. If you begin to hit the proverbial wall this week — talk to God about it, and then confide in a close brother or sister. I have found so much encouragement and strength through the prayer and friendship of others. Let's keep digging in deeper together. 

I can't wait to gather together again as one big church family this Sunday at TPAC

        1. Come early for prayer @ 9AM
        2. Worship will begin @ 10AM
        3. Bring your friends!

You can find all the details for Sunday here.

I love you Ethos Church. I can't wait to be together again this week. 

Dave Clayton
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