Encouragement for Week 2 from Dave Clayton

Posted by Dave Clayton on

Hello Ethos, 

I cannot believe it is already Day 11 of our month long journey of prayer and fasting. How are you doing so far? Have you found the fast to be a burden or a blessing? Have you found it easy to stay focused, or difficult to stay on track as you pray for the people on your list?  

If you are anything like me, you have probably had some ups and downs over the last few days — and that is quite alright. It means you are normal. I know this isn’t easy, but typically the best things in life require some effort. 

I’m convinced the greatest adventures often lay waiting just beyond the edge of our comfort zone. 

So keep going. Keep digging in with God. Keep praying for your people. Keep ruthlessly eliminating anything that has the potential to distract you from the presence of God. If you have a bad day, dust yourself off, get back up, and try again. There is grace for the journey. 

If you are not tracking along with our daily prayer guide, I would encourage you to download it here. I think you will find it helpful as you pray with us for the city each day. If you need help knowing how to fast, you can download a short guide here, it will take you less than 10 minutes to read. 

God is doing amazing things in our city. I continue to receive incredible reports every day from all across the region of how God is touching lives through this unified effort of prayer and fasting. 

I look forward to gathering together for worship with many of you this Sunday. It would be a great week to invite a friend. 

I love you, and I’m so honored to be on this journey with you. 



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