Emergency Warming Shelters for our Homeless Friends

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Next week it's forecasted to be COLD in Nashville! We partner with an orginization called Open Table. They organize emergeny winter warming shelters when the weather gets dangerously cold outside. Due to weather forcasts they have decided to open up these shelters four nights next week: Sunday 1/20 thru Wednesday 1/23.

Listed below are the shift(s) you can volunteer for:

Shift #1: Set-Up, 5pm-8pm (needed on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights)
Shift #2: Inn Keeper, 7pm-7am (needed overnight on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights)
Shift #3: Clean Up, 6a-9am (needed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings)

Two other opportunities to volunteer include:
1. If you have an SUV or van and can pick people up at pick-up sites and take them to a shelter OR return them from the shelter the next morning. (Pick up is 5pm-8pm on shelter nights and Return is 7am-9am the next morning.)
2. If you are a nurse and can help with medical check-ups, they could use some rotating nurses (7ish-9ish) on the evenings of the shelters.

They expect to be hard-pressed to find the volunteers needed to cover all the nights, so if you have a friend, coworker, family member etc. that you can recruit to volunteer with you, that would help these efforts greatly. Thanks so much for your support of this life-saving service for our homeless neighbors.

Email Ben at Open Table and let him know how you would like to serve. ( )


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