Easter: What You Need to Do

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If you weren't at church last night, then you missed the announcement regarding Easter at Ethos. I will repeat the information here, because we need lots of help from you guys.

Why are we doing something different for Easter? 
For whatever reason, there are certain times each year where people (including those that don't go to church) stop to reflect on Jesus. Easter is one of those times. Our prayer is that Ethos can play a role in sharing the Good News of Jesus with people that typically wouldn't think twice about church. 

What You Need to Do
In order to reach as many people as possible, we really need everyone in our church to help us with a couple of things. 

One: 4 pm and 6 pm
If you have been at church during the last 6 weeks then you know we are out of room. We have added 150 more chairs, we added more chairs tonight, and we are still out of room. Since we believe we will have a record crowd at Easter we are going to host two Sunday Night Worship Gatherings.  

For those of you that are a part of the Ethos Family, we need you to sign up for the 4 pm or the 6 pm Service. You can sign up through email ( ). Just include your name, and time (4 pm or 6 pm) in the subject line. We need at least 200 of you to sign up for the 4 pm and 200 people to sign up for the 6 pm.  This will greatly help us as we try to make sure we have enough seats for everyone. 

Two: Bring a Friend
This is the most important aspect of Easter. We are asking that every single person bring at least one friend to our Easter Service that does not know Jesus, or does not go to church. Please spend time praying, and thinking about who you will invite, and go ahead and invite them. If we really believe Jesus is the author of life, then lets make sure we don't show up to church alone (this doesn't just apply to Easter). 

Three: Eat a Meal
As a part of our Easter Service we will be providing a dinner upstairs in the Mercy Lounge. This will be a great opportunity for your friends (the ones you will bring with you) to meet other people from church. There is something very sacred about sitting down and breaking bread together. For those of you attending the 6 pm service, you will be eating dinner at 5:00 pm in the Mercy Lounge. For those of you attending the 4 pm service, you will be eating dinner at 5:45 pm in the Mercy Lounge. 

Four: Leave Your Socks
Finally, we are asking everyone to bring at least one pair of new socks when you show up on Easter. The socks will be given to our homeless friends in the neighborhood. For our friends that spend all day walking around the city on their feet, a clean pair of socks makes a big difference. Bring as many socks as you like, but we are asking that you bring at least one clean pair.  

Alright, that is all for now. If you want to print up fliers to hand out, you can get them here. Spread the word any way you can (i.e. email, facebook, twitter, personal invite, pigeon with a letter, etc).  

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