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Easter Sunday is special. There is something powerful about millions of people gathering all over the world for the sole purpose of remembering that the tomb of Jesus Christ is empty. Easter reminds us of a truth we proclaim at Ethos every Sunday – Jesus is Alive, and that changes everything.

The last several Easters at Ethos Church have been incredibly special. We have shared meals, celebrated as people gave their lives to Jesus, served our city, and invited our friends who are not Christians to join us in the celebration.

As a part of our Easter Celebration, we will be taking a special Blueprint 2012 Offering. On Easter Sunday, 100% of offering will go to fund our special mission projects in Nashville and around the globe.

The first portion of our Easter offering will go to provide more than 300,000 meals to impoverished children in Haiti. We will partner with Global Samaritan to purchase, ship, and distribute these meals across 15 locations in Port au Prince, Haiti.

The rest of our Easter Offering will go towards planting churches, building orphanages, providing education, and much more as outlined in Blueprint 2012.


(3) GIVE  

Just as the earliest disciples of Jesus went out to tell everyone that the tomb of Jesus was empty, we invite you to do the same thing.  Invite your friends, parents, neighbors, and co-workers to gather  with us for worship as we CELEBRATE the joys of the risen Jesu and to GIVE joyfully & generously to our Blueprint 2012. Tweet about it. Change your facebook status. We don't care how you invite your friends, just make sure you invite your friends. Imagine what would happen if the 1,600 people of Ethos Church each invited 10 friends to help with this effort?

Jesus promises us that wherever two or three people are gathered in His name -- He will be there also. So just as we do every Sunday, we will gather with Jesus and one another on Easter Sunday to celebrate all that Jesus has done, is doing, and will continue to do.

Our goal is simple -- we want every individual in our church to give generously, joyfully, and sacrificially. We are asking that every person to prayerfully make the decision to GIVE. Whether God is calling you to give $10 or $10,000, we ask you that do it joyfully. If you would like to give online you can do so here. Choose "Awaken a Movement" Fund.

This is not about Ethos Church. This is about Jesus Christ -- an empty tomb, a risen King, and a Glorious God. What better way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ than by advancing the Gospel and caring for people all over the world? Thanks for dreaming God sized dreams with us, and for having the courage to take faithful risks as we seek to Love God, Love People, and Awaken the Movement that Jesus began.

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