Dear 11AM Folks, Please Read

Posted by Dave Clayton on

This past Sunday was the largest Sunday in the history of Ethos Church. We praise God that He  continues to draw so many new people to our church family. All 5 worship gatherings are currently at or above our possible seating capacity. Our staff is working diligently to find quick and effective solutions for this. 

Help Needed with the 11AM

In the meantime, we need your help immediately with the 11AM Gathering. This past Sunday, on top of standing room only in the overflow venue, we had more than 100 people standing without seats. This is a safety issue, not a convenience or comfort issue. 

1. Space at the 9AM (Cannery) & 10AM (Marathon)

We need 50 people to move to the 9AM at the Cannery & 100 people to move to the 10AM at Marathon Music Works. All gatherings are identical each Sunday, so if you can make the move, please help us and do so. For those of you with kids, Marathon does not currently offer childcare or Ethos Kids.

2. Carpool

If you can catch a ride with a friend, please do.

3. Keep a Good Attitude

It will be a little crowded for the next few weeks, but smile, breathe, relax, and thank God for what He is doing. 

4. Stay on Mission with Jesus

Don't allow a lack of space to keep you from sharing the gospel with your friends and inviting them to be a part of our church family. 

It is a joy to serve Jesus with you guys.

Love, Dave Clayton (vision & teaching @ Ethos Church)


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