Church on Tuesday

Posted by Dave Clayton on

God doesn't just work on Sundays. Shortly after getting off of work, several of us made our way over to our friend's hot tub to celebrate with Chelsea Futrell as she gave her life to Christ in baptism. I just had this sense as she was coming up out of the water that this is what the early church must have experienced. Acts 2 tells us that God was changing people's lives each day, not only on Sundays. 

In fact, it seems the Church in the Book of Acts expected people to give their lives to Jesus every day of the week because the Church was continually in the process of sharing Jesus as they went about their daily lives. These early Christians knew that Jesus was the giver of life, and when you share life with hurting people, lives are changed. Period.

That is so convicting.

I pray we will never be a church that limits the power of God to a one hour time slot on Sundays. I pray we continually expect him to change lives throughout the week. Let's celebrate with Chelsea, and continue to pray that God will do huge things.

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