Celebrating Baptisms

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It has been an amazing week as we have watched many people step into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. On Wednesday Night, we gathered at the historic Ryman auditorium with our friends from the Harpeth Hills Church for what turned out to be an incredible evening. The evening ended with nearly 40 people giving their life to Christ in baptism. Below is a list of those who were baptized at the Ryman as well as other folks who were baptized in the weeks leading up to Easter. 

Please take time to thank God for the way He moved among us, and if you know someone on this list, please take a moment to encourage them today. 

Baptisms Leading Up to Easter

Charles Glover

Ben Phillips

Emily Torres

Kinzie Icayan

Makyla Shawyer

Breeana Hanus

Jeffery King

Jay Fenton

Lauren McMillin

Sierra Filson

Cameron Rodewald

Margaret Waites

Mari Davis

Nikki Crane

Baptisms During Resurrection Week

Jonathan Ramirez

Caity Shinnick

Sydney Holorfrener

Dawei Li

Mary Kate Grant

Cassie Wessely

Hannah Robinson

Kelsey Thompson

Sarah Jane Holiday

Stephanie Bhullar

Alex Daffem

Paulina Perakis

Kevin Febus

Andy Jones

Mozelle Cox

Jacquelyn Isom

Kendal Johnson-Legg

Samathan Long

Coline Pereze

Kendal Coffman

Anna Bangs

Julia Adain

Amanda Bigness

Luke Bandy

Grayson Recter

Allen Bass

Fern Greene

Andre Chunaco

Lindsay Smith

Allie Rivera

Ben Fennell

Alexandra Cmaduran

Kristina Hann

Michelob Fedusiko

Emily Barboa

Josh Johns

Becca Daniel

Ryan Shanks


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