Bob Dylan Hates Ethos

Posted by Dave Clayton on

Bob Dylan hates Ethos Church. I know what you are thinking, "Dave that is an outlandish statement. Bob Dylan doesn't even know about Ethos Church, much less hate it." Here is scientific proof that Bob Dylan hates Ethos Church.

Fact # 1
On a cold night, next to a blazing fire, with a hint of Barry Manilow in the air, Bob Dylan conceived a son.

Fact # 2
This son was named Jacob.

Fact # 3
Since Jacob has the same DNA as one of the most influential musicians of all time, Jacob learned how to play guitar and thus started a band called the Wallflowers.

Fact # 4
In 1996, The Wallflowers hit it big with songs like "One Headlight" and "3 Marlenas"

Fact # 5
Due to their popularity, The Wallflowers have a sold out show at the Cannery this Sunday (Aug 30th)

Fact # 6
Ethos Church will be meeting at Rocketown this week because of the sold out show at The Cannery.

(Bob Dylan + A Blazing Fire + a Woman + Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits) = Jacob Dylan
(Jacob Dylan + Guitar + a band + the Cannery) = Ethos Church meeting at Rocketown this week

It's science. Bob Dylan hates Ethos Church. If the facts don't convince you ... I'm afraid nothing will.

For those of you that need a more formal explanation of why we are meeting in a different location this week (click here). See you Sunday Night @ 6 pm.

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