Birthday Sunday 2015: Kenya

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On Sunday, November 1st, we will celebrate our birthday as a church family. To celebrate, we'll collect a special offering and 100% of the collection will go to 6 global initiatives that are directly linked to Ethos family members. One of these global initiatives is in Kenya — specifically the organization, Global One. Read more of what Arash has to say about Global One...

"I (Arash) started coming to Ethos three years ago when my girlfriend introduced me to it. I instantly fell in love with the people there. I felt like they actually understood what it meant to build treasures up in heaven and not here on earth. The church and its leaders have such a selfless mentality that I really appreciated.

Meanwhile, just a few years before going to Ethos, I reconnected with one of my high school friends, Justin Vero. We bonded over our desire to see change in the world through loving the most impoverished. I felt God's calling to join Justin whole heartedly through Global One. He told me about his research and the travels that he had done, and we decided to aid one of the largest slums in the world, Kibera, in Nairobi, Kenya. Then we developed what we thought would be the best plan of action which was aiding the community through education. But education branched out into many different avenues including psychological, spiritual, physical, and technological learning. 

The drive and hunger of the kids is to better themselves through education is far beyond what we can imagine here in our country. The schools and computer lab are utilized all hours of the day and provide a safe haven and hope for children desperately in need. 

Global One is an organization empowering some of the most desperately in need and vulnerable children in the world with quality education, nurturing the body, mind, and soul. Arash Gholizadeh (Ethos family member) and Justin Vero heard the calling to work in Kibera, Kenya — one of the largest and most impoverished slums on earth that holds over one million people in one square mile. Children here are born into extreme poverty and have little hope of escaping this generation cycle, let alone living to a healthy adult age and affording an education.

We began our work in 2012, and by God's grace, we've built a middle school and an elementary school for a group of mostly orphaned children, which has grown to almost 350 children. Both schools feed, clothe, and educate these vulnerable children and employ over 15 Kenyan staff. Additionally, through our Computer Learning Center next to the schools, we are able to provide computer literacy courses to the children and provide affordable internet access to the community. The children benefit greatly from a supportive and nurturing curriculum which features the standard Kenyan chartered curriculum plus a Bible course, mindfulness training, sports, art, music lessons, and computer courses.

Our next project is to build a high school building so the children can continue their holistic education. This project would include the building, school supplies, uniforms, food and teachers."

In Conclusion
On November 1st, we get the opportunity to join in with Arash and Justin and all those working in Kenya on behalf of Global One. 7.5% of our Birthday Offering will go to advance the work of Global One by helping fund the construction of a high school in the Kibera Slum. Be praying today for the children served through Global One, and pray how God is inviting you to be a part of it. If you'd like to give online to our special offering (100% is going to 6 global initiatives), you can give here. Please choose "Awaken a Movement" as your designation.

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