Birthday Sunday 2015: India

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On Sunday, November 1st, we will celebrate our birthday as a church family. To celebrate, we'll collect a special offering and 100% of the collection will go to 6 global initiatives that are directly linked to Ethos family members. One of these global initiatives is in India — specifically through the churches Ethos planted in 2011. Watch the following video from Piyas Dey and Jaisheree Francis, who are working on the ground in India.

Ethos Church, India from Ethos Church on Vimeo.

On Easter Sunday in 2011, our church family partnered with Piyas Dey and One Life International to plant two churches and a school in Eastern India. In the last few years, this work has multiplied greatly to include 5 churches, 3 schools, and 5 vocational training centers in and around Kolkata, India.

Over the last several years, Piyas and his team have found that one of the largest barriers to a child’s holistic change is the environment in which they live. Many of the children served by our churches and schools in Eastern India are at high risk for emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. In addition, the poor hygiene and living conditions are constantly at work in preventing the holistic progress of these children.

In 2016, ground will be broken on the Dream Home. The Dream Home will exist to help remove these barriers for the most at risk children. The Dream Home will provide a safe, loving environment away from the harsh realities of life in the slums. It will be home to the most vulnerable orphans and slum children we serve. Many come from physical and sexually abusive situations, broken homes, and all endure the difficult life of poverty.

We believe that to fix the complicated problems of poverty, our solutions must be comprehensive. The care at the Dream Home will be holistic, covering all areas of a child’s life. The Dream Home will be located on a peaceful parcel of land about 25 miles outside Kolkata. Surrounded by rice fields and set beside a river, gardens and a pond lie inside its walls. The Dream Home is a place where children will garden, cook, play, and develop in a safe environment. It is a place for kids to receive peace, hope, and a ridiculous amount of love.

In Conclusion
On November 1st, we get the opportunity to join in with Piyas and all those working in India on behalf of One International and the Dream Home. 40% of our Birthday Offering will go towards the construction of the Dream Home. Be praying today for the children served through Children of the Promise, and pray how God is inviting you to be a part of it. If you'd like to give online to our special offering (100% is going to 6 global initiatives), you can give here. Please choose "Awaken a Movement" as your designation.

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