Beer Commercial Gospel

Posted by Dave Clayton on

I love Beer Commercials. As far as I'm concerned, beer commercials are always the best. In recent years, ESPN and Sonic have gained some serious credibility in the funny commercial department, but I would still argue that they are playing for second place. Beer commercials are always the best.

On Saturday as I was watching football, I saw a wide variety of beer commercials, but they all had the same basic elements. 

First, every commercial involved some lame guy "stuck in an unfortunate situation."

Second, every commercial involved the point of decision (i.e., the guy from the above mentioned "uncomfortable situation" choosing to get beer)

Third, after the point of decision is reached...the unfortunate situation mentioned earlier is corrected (i.e., Thousands of Hot Chicks wearing bikinis madly in ove with the lame guy enter the room, etc)

Four, the same general message is sold..."If you drink this beer then your life won't suck and you will get the hottest chicks on the face of the planet. 

If you think I'm wrong, just use this little mental formula next time you watch a beer commercial. 

At church last night we continued our study in the Book of Acts. We spent the evening reading through Acts 12 where James is killed and where Peter is released from Prison. All week long I found myself longing to speak on Peter's release while kind of ignoring James' situation. It made me realize how tempting and easy it can be to preach a beer commercial gospel. 

Some times in our effort to share the love of Christ with people that don't know him...we can easily find ourselves preaching a false gospel that sounds a lot like a beer commercial.

The problem is that this just isn't the gospel. So when people come to know Jesus under false pretenses they blame Jesus for letting them down. Jesus calls us to obedience--not a better social outcome. So what gospel are we preaching? I pray that we will have the courage to share the truth about Jesus. I think the truth is pretty simple. Jesus has come to give us life to the fullest--despite the situation of our lives.

Lay aside the Beer Commercial Gospel, and make the most of your opportunities today to share the gospel story that Jesus wrote and purchased with his life. Love you guys.

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