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One of the things I love most about our church is the willingness that our people have to tangibly meet the needs of others. Every single week YOU go and actually live out your faith...and it’s inspiring! YOU give up your afternoon to help those who don’t have transportation run important and pressing errands . YOU take in your friends that sell The Contributor and YOU let them live with you until you can help them get into permanent housing. YOU spend your hard-earned money to buy groceries for a struggling, single mom that you know. YOU are being the Hands and Feet of Jesus. YOU are Awakening a Movement all over the city. And until Christ Jesus comes back, there will be work for YOU and I to do.

Awakening a Movement Opportunity
One of the women who has been committed to and invested in Ethos Church the past two years is checking herself into rehab on Friday afternoon. She has decided that for her to truly heal and to fully become the woman that GOD has created her to be, she needs help from trained, seasoned professionals. One of the many blessings of the program is that every Sunday, she will continue to get to worship with her church family here at Ethos, if someone from our church is willing to pick her up and drop her back off afterwards. As we all know, the church needs each other, especially in difficult times. We need people to encourage us to pursue GOD, to stand by us as we confront our sins and defeat them, and we need people to show us the unconditional love of GOD every single day. It’s incredibly important that she stay connected to the body of Christ as she goes through this painful, healing process the next few months. She needs our prayers and our tangible help.

Here is what she needs
1) Would you commit to praying for complete healing and restoration as she goes through this process?

2) Would YOU be willing to pick her up and drop her off one Sunday a month for the next couple of months as she goes through rehab?

*We have to turn in a notarized list of names of these people by Friday in order for her to be able to continue worshipping with us throughout rehab. If you are willing to help, send an email to

3) Would you be willing to give her a ride to enroll in the program on Friday afternoon at 5pm?

The people of GOD are making a difference in the world and its glorifying and honoring to Him. We’ll continue to meet needs, to heal the sick and to give food to the hungry, we’ll continue to serve each other and build each other up because that’s who the Body of Christ is created to be. We are the hands and feet of Jesus and we get to help bring healing and restoration to this broken world.

Can YOU help?

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