Women’s Prayer Potluck Tonight

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The women of Ethos Church invite you to a prayer potluck tonight at the home of Sarah Clayton. The starting time is 6:30pm. Sarah lives at 3901 Dorris Ln in Green Hills. (DIRECTIONS) Having trouble finding it or want more information? Call Sarah at 615.944.9744.

African Food Relief

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There are times when it is abundantly clear that God is moving through the efforts of the local church to make a difference in the world. This past Sunday Night was one of those times. Last week, our church was made aware of the effects caused by the severe droughts in East Africa. The lack of...

October Discipline: Prayer 10/20/2009

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I believe Prayer is one of the most intimate ways you can connect with God. Prayer is a major struggle for some people because they often feel their prayers are unheard, ignored and unanswered. The most amazing thing about God is that He hears EVERY single prayer and thought that goes on inside...

Job Needed

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Hello. Here is a message from one of our brothers, Paul,  that is looking for work. If you know of anything, just shoot Paul an email ( ) ----------------- (Message from Paul) --------------------------------------- To my Brothers and Sisters, I moved here in May after...

Ministry Opportunity

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Hello everyone. Julie Wheetley has asked that I post this amazing ministry opportunity. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please send an email to ( ). Thanks guys. See you Sunday Night. ---------------- (Julie's Message) ----------------------------------------------------- The...

October Discipline: Prayer

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Prayer has been something that is always so fascinating to me.  I have always thought of it as a way to be instantly connected to God.  There is something wonderful about knowing that anything that is on your heart can be said to him and he is there to listen, love...

Back at the Cannery (5 PM and 7 PM)

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Great news, this Sunday Night, October 11th, Ethos Church will be back at the Cannery for our regular worship times (5 PM and 7 PM). I know things were a bit chaotic last week as we had to relocate to Rocketown, but a bit of chaos makes everything a little more fun right? After all, moving...

Ethos at Rocketown this Sun (Oct 4)

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Occasionally there are conflicts at the Cannery (our usual meeting place) on Sunday Nights. This is one of those weeks. So this Sunday Night, we will be meeting at Rocketown (just a few blocks from the Cannery). Since Rocketown is larger, we will only have our 5 PM Worship Gathering this week...