Answered Prayers : Jenny Stites

Posted by Dave Clayton on

On Sunday, our church begged God for a miracle. Together we prayed that he would use surgeons to remove a very dangerous tumor from Jenny Stites spinal cord. On Monday, God used surgeons to remove the tumor completely with zero complications. As of now, it looks like no further treatment will be needed! Our God is amazing, and it has been exciting to watch him do such incredible things this week.

As Jenny recovers from this extensive surgery, our church will be providing meals for she and Josh. To sign up to bring them dinner ... go here.

Here is a quick note from Josh. I loved reading his thoughts after God's provision yesterday.

"I left the hospital at about 7:45 and she was resting well. She was dosing off with the help of some feel good drips. Her mom is staying with her tonight. Our world-class primary doctor, Matthew Miller stopped by to see her this evening and check on her. And the neurosurgeon will be by tomorrow before or after his clinic hours, so before 8:00 or after 5:00. Again, it is so cool to be in a city with so many gifted healthcare providers. These guys aren't playing around.
Real quick, today has been physically and emotionally consuming.  So as I get home tonight and read messages, emails, texts and calls from people literally all over the country (and beyond i.e. Afghanistan) who are praying on our behalf I am very grateful and mindful of a story from Exodus 17. A better writer could paint a better picture; but the skinny is that even Moses had to have someone come along side him and hold up his hands in prayer because he couldn't do it himself. This week we have had some awesome people come along beside us and help us hold up our hands to the Giver of Life. We are blessed people.

Please pray that Jenny will have a good night's rest. The doctors said from the beginning that one of the greatest concerns with this procedure would be infection during the recovery process. We are praying that Jenny rests comfortably so that her body will be rested and strong.

Love you. Thank you.  - Josh "

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