An Invitation to our Church Family on Easter

Posted by Brandon Steele on

Easter Sunday is one of the best Sundays of the year. There is something about this day that people give God a chance. Many who aren’t connected to a body of believers will consciously make the decision to get up early this Sunday morning and come to worship Jesus with us; many of them won’t know a single person. What courage and curiosity this takes! 

Whether you have been a part of Ethos for two weeks or 6 years, will you show up on Sunday, at whichever gathering you are a part of, with the mentality of, “Who will I make feel welcome and loved today?” We can only imagine what God might do with our genuine attempt to let others know they are loved and welcome and wanted. One person can’t do it all. It’s on all of us to carry this out. This is not only our job, but our joy as well! May Jesus be praised as we invite our friends and families this Sunday and as we go out of our way to welcome them in.


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