Pray for Our City

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One of my favorite passages in scripture is found in Jeremiah 29. The people of God have been begging God to bring them out of exile, and God sends them a prophecy that surely caught them a bit off guard. Through the prophet Jeremiah God says: "Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and...

Jesus in the Streets

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Once a month, all of our house churches push pause on our weekly meetings and instead of meeting in a home we spend time just being the church. It is really inspiring to see all of the creative ways our house churches choose to serve the people of our city. Last night hundreds of you rolled up...

A Story from Katie

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If you have been around Ethos for any time at all then you have probably met Katie Stevens, Lindsay Preston, and Matt Preston (note they are brother and sister not married). If you don't know them, you can usually find them somewhere around the welcome table greeting visitors as people arrive...

Becoming Less

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John the Baptist was a pretty amazing dude. Periodically I try to think about what John the Baptist would look like in 2009. Would he still be sporting the Camel Hair Blazer, eating bugs, and preaching with the fire of a fundamentalist, small town, southern Baptist preacher? Who knows. But I...

Monday, Monday

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Wow. What a night last night. Thanks to Andrew, Elliot, and Ben for leading worship. Thanks to everyone for being so flexible as we continue to work through our space issues. Keep inviting your friends, and we will keep looking for ways to make more room. Make sure you take some time this week...

Ethos is on Facebook

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Join the Ethos Church facebook group to keep up with service opportunities, post comments, and interact with other members of the group. CLICK HERE >>>

Greetings from Portland

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Hello. I hope you guys have had a wonderful Tuesday. Last night, I hopped on a planed and headed to Portland, OR to spend 6 days with a handful of men and women that are all striving to find ways to more faithfully live out the call of Jesus in their lives. All I can say is wow...our God is so...

Lead, Search, Love

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This week as I have been studying for my sermon in Acts 20 , I have found myself spending a lot of time in the Book of Ezekial. I know that sounds random, but Paul refers to Ezekial several times during his farewell speech in Acts 20. Anyways, one of the passages in Ezekial has really challenged...

I'm an idiot

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The other night, I was on campus with Brandon. We had both spoken on a panel that went fairly well. Afterwards, we had to rush over to a training session for a mission team we are leading in a few months. It was late. I had been on campus for 13 straight hours. I can honestly say that patience...

Colossians 2:15

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I hope you guys have enjoyed reading through Colossians this week. If you haven't been reading along with us, you should read it today. What a great book. Nearly every verse has kind of kicked me in the stomach (in a good way, of course). One of the reasons I have liked reading through...