7 Days of Prayer & Fasting

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Yesterday was the 4th week of our teaching series REVIVAL. Together we have been studying through the Book of Ezra as we've looked at the work that God did in Ezra and through Ezra to bring about revival among God's people.

In Ezra Chapter 9, the presence of God convicts the people of their sin, and they cry out to God for mercy on behalf of the church & city.

Today, Monday, February 13th, marks the beginning of 7 days of Prayer and Fasting for our church family. Hundreds of you signed up to Pray & Fast on one or multiple days during the course of this week. If you didn't have a chance to sign up, that is quite alright. Just choose a day, and set it aside for the sole purpose of seeking God's heart on behalf of our church & city.

Quite simply put, fasting is the setting aside of food for the purpose of being reminded of our deep hunger and need for God. There are many ways to fast. Some people fast from sunrise to sunset. Others fast for the entire 24 hour period. Some fast from food completely, while others fast from choice foods and choose to only consume water, juice, fruit, and nuts. There are many ways to fast.

The purpose is to set aside intentional time to seek the Lord.

I've often found it helpful to set aside my normal meal times on a day of fasting for the purpose of reading the Bible, confessing sin, writing in a prayer journal, or sitting in solitude. The key is to find the ways in which you can contact best with God during your time of prayer.

I would recommend trying different postures of prayer (i.e. praying on your knees, praying as you stand, praying as you go for a walk, etc).

As a church family, we are focusing our days of prayer and fasting around several things. Feel free to use this as a guide to help you focus as we pray and fast together.

1. Confess your sin before God
2. Ask God to forgive the sins of our church family
3. Pray for other followers of Jesus in our city
4. Pray for  those in our city who are not follower of Jesus.
5. Pray for our city officials.
6. Pray that God's will is accomplished fully IN us and THROUGH us.


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