6th Birthday Prayer & Fasting

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Each Sunday we boldly declare that our community of faith exists to “Love God, Love People, and Awaken the Movement of Jesus.” It is one thing for us to say that each week, but it is another thing to live as though we believe that to be true.

At the heart of every revival is prayer. That is why our church family is committing the next three weeks to prayer and fasting. We are boldly proclaiming to God and one another that He is the only one who can sustain and satisfy us. While each of us is choosing to abstain from something, collectively we are replacing our hunger for worldly things with a deeper hunger for Jesus in our church and city.

On November 9th, our entire church family is gathering under one roof. We are inviting you to pray faithfully that the Holy Spirit will be made known among the people of Ethos Church. Pray with bold expectation for all that He has in store for our church family. May we be a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led people hungry for more of God’s presence.


What is fasting?
Fasting is a type of prayer that helps us intentionally seek God's will and grace in a way that goes beyond normal habits of worship and prayer. Through fasting, we put aside the time and attentiveness that we give daily to other things, and use that time to spend in prayer with Him.

Why do we fast?
Fasting is an opportunity to set aside an appetite — for food, for media, for shopping, etc. It is denying your desires to help reveal the hunger at the core of our being — a hunger for God that can only be filled by God. Fasting exposes how many things seek to fill our hunger, but Jesus is the only thing that can truly satisfy.

What can you fast from?

    • Food, drink, desserts
    • Social media, TV, radio
    • Shopping
    • Comforts of convenience (elevators, reading, sports, etc.)
    • Anything else that consumes your time, thoughts, or attentiveness

How do you fast?
Choose what you are going to fast from and how long you are going to fast (it can be a few hours or for an extended period of time). Spend the time you would spend with the thing you're fasting from in prayer and Scripture. Pray away temptation throughout the day. Bring your desires to God — personal desires and desires for the future of Ethos Church.

Why are we fasting as a church?
We believe there is power in prayer and hungering for Jesus above anything else in our church. Our church needs to be dependent on the Holy Spirit, and we must pray together for boldness, expectation, and a deeper craving for God above all things. As a church, we are declaring that Jesus sustains, satisfies, and is the heartbeat of our church. We are putting aside our distractions to refocus on Him so that we can be more in tune with what He is trying to do through our church family.


May we be bold in prayer and expectation in the coming weeks as we pray for our church and city! We will be posting a short “centering” devotional that you can use as a resource on the day of the week you have chosen to pray and fast. It will give you specific thoughts to be medicating on, praying and reading throughout the day.


Week 1 - click here
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