60 Day Challenge : New Testament

Posted by Dave Clayton on

I've got a fun challenge for you.

How would you like to read the entire New Testament with me in the next 60 days?

Now I know it sounds crazy, but just hear me out. This might stretch you a little bit, but it is anything but impossible. If you spent roughly 30 minutes a day reading the scriptures, you would finish the entire New Testament in the next two months. Pretty crazy huh?

I firmly believe that nothing will change your life and your relationship with God quite like choosing to spend time in his WORD every day. I dare you to try it.

My goal is quite simple. I want us to read the New Testament together, and share what we are discovering as we read throughout the day. This is how we will do it.

The Plan
Now some times the hardest part is just knowing how to get started. I have posted the reading plan that I will be following online. You can download it HERE. I encourage you to print it off and place it somewhere visible as a reminder each day. This always helps me stay on track.

TWO : Connect Online
Each day, I will be tweeting about the things that are capturing my heart and attention as we read the scriptures together. You can follow along HERE and HERE, but more importantly, I'd invite you to chime into the conversation by adding your thoughts as well. For those of you that will be tweeting what you are reading, use the hashtag #NT60. This will help everyone follow along throughout the day.

I am praying that hundreds of people will step up to the challenge of reading through the New Testament this summer. Feel free to spread the word. I look forward to reading with and learning from each of you beginning June 6th!

Love, Dave

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