Birthday Special Offering


Each year on Ethos' birthday, we take up a special collection and give away 100% of what is given.  This year, the money raised will be given to support our global partners and the work they are doing to make Jesus known in their nation.  You can read about each partner and specifically what our money will go towards at the bottom of the page.  We are hoping to raise $116,000.  Any funds raised above and beyond will go towards global church planting efforts.



What a joy it is to be a part of God’s family together as we seek to love God, love people, and awaken the movement that Jesus began!


This year, the money raised will be given to support the following global partners and the work they are doing to make Jesus known in their nation. 




Sasha and Marija Vuletic have three children: Tamara (23), Luka (15), and Naomi (12).  Sasha was born in Skopje, Macedonia, but moved to Worms, Germany with his parents when he was in the first grade. It was in Germany that he met the Lord and became a follower of Jesus in 1981. He later moved back in Skopje and met his wife, Marija, and they have faithfully served Jesus together ever since.

Sasha and Marija have helped to start two church planting movements, over 30 churches in Macedonia, and a leadership school discipling and training pastors all across the Balkan nations. Sasha serves as a spiritual father to the majority of pastors in and around Macedonia.

The majority of people in Macedonia are not Christians. The capital city of Skopje only has about 15 local churches, each with an average attendance of 20-30 believers (for comparison, Nashville has over 500 area churches). The Vuletics’ vision is to plant many more churches in their country and the surrounding Balkan nations, so that more people can come to know Jesus and be discipled through the local church.  

Percentage of Christians in Macedonia: 0.16%

Our Offering Will Go Towards: 
+ Planting a new church
+ Transportation (Visiting churches, pastoral ministry, serving the poor)
+ Office space for two years (Church planting & pastoral ministry)

Amount Needed: $47,970

To read more about Sasha and the work in Macedonia, click here.




Piyas and Sharbani Dey, along with their son Pushpam, have a heart to see India transformed by the power and love of Jesus Christ.  Piyas was born and brought up in a Christian family in the remote village of Uluberia in West Bengal, India.  His father was kicked out of his house for becoming a Christian, but despite immense torture and persecution, he never compromised his faith. Following in his father’s footsteps, Piyas accepted Christ in 1989. Several years later, he sensed Jesus calling him into full time ministry. During his morning devotionals, he was reading Isaiah 49:6, “I will make you a light for the Gentiles that you may bring salvation to the ends of the Earth,” when he heard God ask him to give his life to serving people in ministry. Piyas enrolled in seminary that same year.

Upon graduating seminary in 1997, he served as a pastor and worked with a nonprofit in India. Despite his success, Piyas sensed that God was calling his family to leave their comfort zone to start planting churches and caring for the poor. While it was an incredibly difficult decision, they decided to be obedient, and have been working in this new calling since 2010.

Besides being a Senior Pastor and church planter, Piyas has founded a nonprofit that serves the poor, broken, and hurting people of India and leads them to Jesus. His ministry has included starting nine Ethos churches, three schools, five vocational training centers, and two orphanages!  

Percentage of Christians in India: 2.3%

Our Offering Will Go Towards: 
+ Supporting nine churches and staff
+ Providing food for 640 underprivileged children daily
+ Sending 600 kids to school

Amount Needed: $34,000

To read more about Piyas and the work in India, click here.




James and his wife Janet Odong Piny have six children. He has been a pastor for almost 25 years, planting 15 thriving churches in the past 10 years.  He is passionate about making disciples and raising up Godly leaders to advance the Gospel in every village of Uganda. Through making disciples and planting churches, he has learned to trust the Lord completely, seeing His faithfulness over and over again. 

James discovered his passion for teaching and discipleship by going to new villages and raising up leaders to start their own churches. Ethos and Onward Church Planting have partnered with James over the past three years, helping train over 1000 African pastors in villages of Northern Uganda and Kenya. James is currently planting a new Ethos church in Lira, Uganda.

Percentage of Christians in Uganda: 33.83%

Our Offering Will Go Towards: 
+ Motorcycle - Provide transportation to visit churches and plant new ones
+ Generator - For the newest Ethos Church planted in Lira
+ Supplies for the new church - Instruments, rent

Amount Needed: $7,350

To read more about James and the work in rural Uganda, click here.




Patrick and Doreen (“Dee”) Muhereza, with their son GZ, live in Kampala, Uganda, also known as the “Pearl of Africa.” 

When Patrick and Dee felt the Lord calling them to plant a church about 5 years ago,  they were afraid of what the future would hold if they obeyed God. However, once they were connected to Ethos and Onward, they felt their dream was reignited. Patrick and Dee went through Onward’s Global Cohort and began their journey in planting churches.

They began with the focus of reaching people who had stepped away from Jesus, specifically in the capital city of Kampala, and have been very successful. They have already reached many people and have outgrown the coffee shop they originally met in. Their prayer is that they would grow to 30 churches in the next ten years, and they can’t wait to see what Jesus will do in Kampala and beyond!

Percentage of Christians in Uganda: 33.83%

Our Offering Will Go Towards: 
+ Supporting Vive Church, which launched on September 9, 2019

Amount Needed: $10,000

To read more about Patrick and the work in urban Uganda, click here.




Thomas and Nancy Njoroge have 3 daughters: Earlyn (13 yrs), Erika (8 yrs) and Ellenor (1 yr). Thomas was born in Nairobi, Kenya to a polygamous family of twenty children.  He gave his life to Jesus in 1996 at the age of 21, and two years later felt God calling him to be a pastor.  

Thomas and Nancy have felt the Lord leading them to serve in the neighborhood that Thomas grew up in called the Eastlands, which is an area known for drugs, gangs, alcohol, sexual immorality, school dropouts, and theft. Five years ago, they planted a church in the heart of the city called Evergreen Church. Since its conception, they have seen many people accept Jesus, become disciples, and receive healing.

Even though they had seen God do incredible things through their church, Thomas knew there were millions more unreached people in his city and longed for revival. Thomas joined the Onward family during the first Global Cohort in early 2019, and believes his partnership with Onward and Ethos will be the catalyst for the dreams God has put on his heart.

Percentage of Christians in Kenya: 47.57%

Our Offering Will Go Towards: 
+ Sound system for worship and community outreach
+ Repairs of church property
+ Pastoral Support

Amount Needed: $15,000

To read more about Thomas and the work in Kenya, click here.




Mads and Elisabeth Fredskilde have two children: David and Rebekka.  Mads was born in Denmark and became a disciple of Jesus in New York City in 1995. Since then, their family has had the privilege of being used by God in many different countries and contexts all over the world.  They began their ministry pastoring a small church in Copenhagen, until God called them to ministry in Quito, Ecuador. In Quito, they served on staff at a local church and started a college campus ministry from scratch. After being there for several years, they felt God calling them back to Copenhagen to plant a church in their own neighborhood.  

Many people in Denmark have never even heard the name of Jesus, and Mads and Elisabeth feel the call to share the Gospel with them.  They have a heart to disciple people like Jesus did — by walking with them in relationship through the ins and outs of life.  Though the soil is hard in Copenhagen, they are already seeing much fruit in their bible studies, discipling relationships, and community events.

Percentage of Christians in Denmark: 3.62%

Our Offering Will Go Towards: 
+ Community Outreach Events

Amount Needed: $1,660

To read more about Mads and the work in Denmark, click here.





Andre and Eunice Prim, along with their newborn son Martin, lead V21 Church in downtown Lisbon, Portugal. Andre originally came to Nashville to be trained as a vocal coach for some of Portugal’s top musicians. While living here, he was invited to Ethos and soon after, came to know the Lord. He was very quickly burdened for the 96.6% of people in his country who don’t know the Lord, and decided to go through Onward's church planter training in Nashville and move back to Portugal to plant V21. Their heart behind the church is to find those who are far from God and bring them closer to Him. V21’s mission might sound familiar to you… they exist to love God, love people and awaken a movement. Their vision is to build local communities where people can belong before they believe. 

Percentage of Christians in Portugal: 3.36%

No funds are currently needed.

To read more about Andre and the work in Portugal, click here.



There are 3 ways you can give to this incredible Special Offering:

    1. Give online. Please designate your gift by selecting "Birthday 2019."
    2. Drop cash or check (made out to Ethos Church, memo: Birthday 2019) in one of the Give mailboxes or the baskets that will be circulating through the room on Sunday, November 5th.
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100% of your gift is tax deductible and will go directly to meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters. Any funds raised above and beyond will go towards global church planting efforts.