Annual Report

Where does your money go?

Throughout our almost 8 years as a church family, we have continued to strive to be a church that leads lives of radical generosity — towards Jesus, His Church, and His world. This means we aim to be equally passionate about the ministry needs of our church family, as well as blessing people beyond our church. By God's grace, our church family has been able to live into this "outward facing" way of generosity throughout all the years — and we have no intention of slowing down!

Each year, we pause to reflect on how your generosity blessed our church, our city, and our world through our Annual Report. Here on this page you will find the 2015 Annual Report, an extremely detailed and informative report on where your money goes. We realize that we are halfway through 2016 as this goes public; but we find this information to be important to share and equally inspiring as we continue on this year.

Thank you for your incredible generosity in 2015, as well as the first half of this year. The way you financially and sacrificially give impacts far more people than you know, and we hope this report will show you some of the ways you are leading radically generous kingdom lives through your giving.

Scroll down to view the Annual Report. If you are viewing this on your smartphone or tablet, click here to view the Annual Report. To save or share the full report on how Ethos Church gives from your generosity, download the Annual Report.

Thank you to the talented Jill Hartline for using her talents to create this Annual Report.